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General Information

e-Delphyn Suite

Our e-Delphyn® suite, a fully Web-based Application, has been developed according to international standards (including and not limited to XML, HL7, ISBT 128, ...) to satisfy regulatory obligations in all countries the software has been implemented.

Gpi Iberia has a long history of interfacing with other platforms and applications such as Electronic Health Records (EHR) and different Hospital Information Systems (HIS).

R&D is one of the most critical aspects of our business. Our solutions integrate the ultimate technological and functional advances with only one objective in mind: improving productivity, effectiveness and quality for our clients.

e-Delphyn Applications

e-Delphyn a comprehensive software suite including the following specialized Applications.

e-Delphyn Donor Management Blood Donors  

Fully Web-Based Software Solution. Customizable, Reliable and Secure, it covers all needs of a blood bank: all the way from donor recruitment, to final blood dispatching including phlebotomy, testing, component manufacturing, quality assurance, and stock monitoring.

e-Delphyn Transfusion Transfusions  

Fully Web-Based Software Solution. Customizable, Reliable and Secure, it supports the ordering of blood (provided to the hospitals through a web-portal), processing of patient specimens, serologic crossmatching, electronic crossmatching and issuing while tracking and securing blood units at the patient bed side.

e-Delphyn Cell-Therapy Cell-Therapy
& Cord Blood Bank

Fully Web-Based Software Solution. Customizable, Reliable and Secure, it supports collection, processing, storage and distribution or administration of high-quality cellular therapy products. It helps laboratories & cord blood banks managing their quality and regulatory compliance requirements.

e-Delphyn Tissue Bank Tissue Bank  

Fully Web-Based Software Solution. Customizable, Reliable and Secure, it offers an integral Tissue management, from Donor and harvested tissues to final recipient and implants.

e-Delphyn Human Milk Bank Human Milk Bank
& NeoNat Unit

Fully Web-Based Software Solution. Customizable, Reliable and Secure, has been developed in partnership with Milk Banks professionals for improving milk administration safety, efficiency and traceability of milk and milk products in the Milk Bank and in the Neo-Nat unit issuing the milk doses.

e-Delphyn LIS, Laboratory Information System Clinical Laboratory  

Fully Web-Based Software Solution. Customizable, Reliable and Secure, it meets both the clinical and business performance needs of today's laboratories, providing an intuitive and efficient workflow enabling fast and accurate turn around of results.

e-Delphyn Main Features

Flexible Implementation

Scalable solution able to support operation structures of all sizes, from single site configurations to multi-facility organizations.


Supports various Windows and Unix based Operating Systems such as SUN Solaris, IBM AIX or Linux.

Operating Systems

Supports multiple database platforms such as Oracle and SQL Server and MySQL.

Data Bases

Supports various Internet Clients and Mobile Devices including Tablets and PDAs.

Devices & Browsers

Connectivity. Ease of integration

Supports one-way and bi-directional interfaces with Analyzers and other Lab Instruments.


Is based on standard communication protocols such as HL7 and XML and can be easily integrated with other Applications (Electronic Health Records, HIS, LIS, Inventory Management Systems, Invoicing, and Accounting Software Packages) to provide real-time updates, which will save time and reduce errors.



Comes with an intuitive user-friendly configuration toolset allowing trained users to configure and/or edit the configuration of the system without having to access the code nor calling Gpi Iberia maintenance to update the configuration

High Safety

Security and access can be configured according to user roles. Access to all options is controlled by personal encrypted passwords.
Multi-level user access rights for each module. Nobody without rights will be able to access to the system, even the vendor.
All actions taken by users are recorded (Audit trail available throughout the software).